FAQs 2 | FAQs | Poppy and Scooter

We know by now that you are having a lot of questions in your mind. Do not worry because you are not alone. We receive here hundreds of inquiries from our customers and potential clients on a regular basis. This is the reason why we have come up with this frequently asked questions page to save you the time and effort in contacting us. In the same way, by reading this page, you can also be well-guided in getting our services.

Q: What are the products that you have in this company?

A: In this company, we started off creating wedding invitations for our clients. But now, many years after, our services include already doing banners, giveaways, table decorations, sash, and more. Even if it is not listed in the services that we offer, you can ask this from us and we can deliver. Just send to us your inquiries to know the feasibility of the work you are going to commission us to do.

Q: Do you just offer the handwriting or the whole package itself?

A: We offer our services based on what you need. If you need for us to put our handwriting only, we can do that too. We can also deliver to you the whole set so you will not be disappointed. Anything you want, you can get here from us.

Q: How long can you get the work done?

A: This depends on the bulk of your order. This is the reason why we are requesting you to book our services as soon as you can. In that way, you have the assurance that we can also meet your target in time. Just in case we cannot, we are going to tell them to you directly when you reach out to us. Please be advised that we also operate on a first come, first serve basis here.