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I discovered this website while I was looking for the best place where I can get the invitations for my wedding. I was looking for something unique and when I saw their portfolio, I figured that this company has exactly what I am looking for. Honestly, it was all good. They managed to finish all the invitations I commissioned them to do right on time. What more is that they produce very good output as well. You will never be disappointed I tell you because all of the things they offer here are unique. They even incorporated the edits I made in no time. They are really so good at what they do.


I am an event planner who has been commissioning the service of this company for many years now. So far, they have not disappointed me yet. They are always up to the job in impressing our customers with what they do. They are amazing in itself and they always look forward to doing more. My business has been receiving great reviews and they are among the reasons. They are really good and I cannot say more. This company is highly recommended so if you are looking for the best place to get your wedding invitations, you should get only the services of Poppy and Scooter.


My daughter’s debut was even made more special with the help of this company. They painstakingly have handwritten all the names of our visitors for my daughter’s party. So far, so good. I was told that the guests appreciated the effort of their names being written in the invitation in a beautiful manner and not just being sent a generalized one like what usually happens. Truly, this company serves its purpose of creating a more specialized event for everyone.